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Hello, welcome to my home page. I'll try to add some more stuff here eventually.

I love bodysurfing, and I finally have a few pictures together. Check out my Surfing! page.

If you're hiking (or skiing) in southeast Wyoming, I have some trail maps. Looking for some good hikes near Honolulu? Here is my map of the Na Ala Hele Honolulu Mauka Trail System. These maps were created with the National Geographic TOPO! State Series mapping package.

In 1995, my wife Marie and I took a trip to Europe. We spent a week aboard the Lanikai, a working barge converted to a floating hotel. We cruised on the Burgundy canal in France, and had a wonderful time. [Lanikai Charter Cruises is no longer in business, but I'm sure France is as beautiful as ever.]

"String Merging: Finding a Shortest Common Supersequence" Abstract: The algorithm in [Itoga 81] for solving the shortest common supersequence problem is revisited, and the algorithm is extended to produce a representative shortest common supersequence. (Unpublished.) Key words and phrases: string matching, string editing, cost of editing, longest common subsequence, shortest common supersequence.

You can send e-mail to I also have a PGP public key.

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